'True Brit' BT Phonecard

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'True Brit' BT Phonecard

  • The first phonecards appeared in Italy in 1976, in the UK in 1981 and in the USA as late as 1991.
  • Phonecards are now available in more than 200 countries worldwide
  • Unused phonecards tend to be the most valuable. However, one phonecard, found discarded in a Scottish payphone, was sold for £850.
  • The most collectable phonecards are those which, like collectable stamps, feature interesting visuals. Commemorative phonecards are particularly popular.
  • Phonecard collecting has been christened 'fusilately', from the nearest Latin word for plastic. In the US it's called Telegery.
  • Last year BT sold 30 million phonecards.
  • Around 1,800 different BT Phonecards have been produced.
  • There are more than four million collectors worldwide. In Japan there are now more people collecting phonecards than stamps.
  • The UK has an estimated 100,000 collectors.
  • A 1983 standard issue Taiwanese edition is the world's most expensive phonecard. It recently sold in Japan for £28,000.
  • Printing mistakes escalate the price of a card. One copy of an edition depicting a David Shepherd painting appeared without its border and signature. It has never been put up for sale and dealers say it is worth thousands of pounds.
  • BT's first 10 unit Phonecards sold for £1 in 1981. Today an unused one sells for £150.

Date of Manufacture: 1981

Quantity Available: 52

Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: No


'True Brit' BT Phonecard Prop For Hire

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