Noughties Prop Hire

Item Condition Date
Retro Heat Change Mugs HireRetro Heat Change Mugs As New
Giant Rubik's Cube HireGiant Rubik's Cube Awesome!
Push Button Panel HirePush Button Panel Good
JVC TM-2100 Broadcast Video Monitor HireJVC TM-2100 Broadcast Video Monitor Good
Canon Powershot 600 Camera HireCanon Powershot 600 Camera Good 1996
Fuji Nexia 220IXZ - APS Camera HireFuji Nexia 220IXZ - APS Camera Good 1998
Year 2000 PC Computer - Dell 8100 HireYear 2000 PC Computer - Dell 8100 Good 2000
Sony MiniDisc Walkman - MZ-R500 HireSony MiniDisc Walkman - MZ-R500 As New 2000
Apple iMac 20 Inch Monitor HireApple iMac 20 Inch Monitor Good 2000
Nokia 6210 Mobile Phone HireNokia 6210 Mobile Phone Good 2000
Sony KV-21FT1B Television  HireSony KV-21FT1B Television Average 2000
Canon BJC-80 Portable Colour Printer HireCanon BJC-80 Portable Colour Printer Good 2000
BT Freestyle 1025 Telephone HireBT Freestyle 1025 Telephone Good 2000
Sony CyberShot DSC-P1 Camera HireSony CyberShot DSC-P1 Camera Good 2000
Olivetti daVinci DV3 PDA HireOlivetti daVinci DV3 PDA Okay 2000
Sony Trinitron Color TV KV-21LT1U HireSony Trinitron Color TV KV-21LT1U Good 2000
Cybiko Extreme HireCybiko Extreme Very Good May 2000
Sony PSone Games Console HireSony PSone Games Console Good 07-07-2000
Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone HireNokia 3310 Mobile Phone Average September 2000
Sony Playstation 2 HireSony Playstation 2 Good 24-11-2000
Mixing Desk - Home Studio HireMixing Desk - Home Studio Practically As New 2001
Apple iMac Dalmation HireApple iMac Dalmation Very good 2001
Creative Web Cam Plus (Webcam) HireCreative Web Cam Plus (Webcam) Good 2001
Motorola Timeport 250e Mobile Phone HireMotorola Timeport 250e Mobile Phone Good 2001
Fujitsu Siemens - Lifebook B Series HireFujitsu Siemens - Lifebook B Series Good 2001
Amstrad E-Mailer Plus HireAmstrad E-Mailer Plus As New 2001
Toshiba PDR-M11 Camera HireToshiba PDR-M11 Camera Good 2001
Gameboy Advance HireGameboy Advance Good 2001
Sony 25Sony 25" Trinitron Television - KV-25FX30B Good 2001
Casio EV-570 LCD Portable Television  HireCasio EV-570 LCD Portable Television Good 2001
Creative CT7510 Webcam HireCreative CT7510 Webcam Good 2001
Sony WM-EX615 Walkman Cassette Player HireSony WM-EX615 Walkman Cassette Player Good 2001
Sony Vaio PCG-955C Notebook Computer  HireSony Vaio PCG-955C Notebook Computer Good 2001
Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop HireApple Powerbook G4 Laptop Good January 2001
I-Cybie Robot Dog HireI-Cybie Robot Dog Good January 2001
Logix  MP503 Computer Monitor HireLogix MP503 Computer Monitor Good 07-05-2001
Nintendo Gamecube HireNintendo Gamecube Very Good 14-09-2001
Time Magazine - October 8th 2001 HireTime Magazine - October 8th 2001 As New 08-10-2001
Time Magazine - October 22nd 2001 HireTime Magazine - October 22nd 2001 As New 22-10-2001
The First iPod - 1st Generation HireThe First iPod - 1st Generation Very Good 23-10-2001
Minox DC2111 Digital Camera HireMinox DC2111 Digital Camera Good 22-12-2001
FujiFilm FinePix 4700zoom - Digital Camera HireFujiFilm FinePix 4700zoom - Digital Camera Very Good 2002
Motorola Accompli 008 HireMotorola Accompli 008 Good 2002
Robot Toy HireRobot Toy Very Good 2002
Sony Clie PDA - PEG-SJ30  HireSony Clie PDA - PEG-SJ30 Good 2002
Kodak CX4230 Camera HireKodak CX4230 Camera Good 2002
BT Easicom 1000 Telephone HireBT Easicom 1000 Telephone Good 2002
25 Beautiful Kitchens - Oct/Nov 2003 Hire25 Beautiful Kitchens - Oct/Nov 2003 2002
Nokia 9210i Mobile Phone HireNokia 9210i Mobile Phone Good 2002
Cisco Systems Telephone 7960 Series HireCisco Systems Telephone 7960 Series Good 2002
Compaq Tablet Computer - TC1000 HireCompaq Tablet Computer - TC1000 Good 2002
Panasonic 14Panasonic 14" Colour Portable TV - TX-15AT1 Very Good 2002
Binatone - Le Phone Telephone HireBinatone - Le Phone Telephone Good 2002
HP Compaq nx9005 Laptop HireHP Compaq nx9005 Laptop Good 2002
Dell Latitude CPt PPX Laptop HireDell Latitude CPt PPX Laptop Good 2002
Rio Riot MP3 Player HireRio Riot MP3 Player Good 2002
Sony VHS Video Cassette Recorder - SLV-SE820 HireSony VHS Video Cassette Recorder - SLV-SE820 Good 2002
Apple iMac G4 - iLamp HireApple iMac G4 - iLamp Very Good 07-01-2002
Microsoft Xbox HireMicrosoft Xbox Good 14-03-2002
Toshiba Pocket PC e310 HireToshiba Pocket PC e310 Good 30-04-2002
Sampo LCD Screen HireSampo LCD Screen Good June 2002
Time Magazine - September 16th 2002 HireTime Magazine - September 16th 2002 As New 16-09-2002
HP 2025 - 20HP 2025 - 20" LCD Monitor Good 2003
Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards HireIraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards Very Good 2003
Xda II Windows Mobile Pocket PC HireXda II Windows Mobile Pocket PC Good 2003
Acer AL1511 Monitor - 15Acer AL1511 Monitor - 15" LCD Monitor - 4:3 Good 2003
Crown CTT3207W 32Crown CTT3207W 32" LCD Television Good 2003
Street Fighter II - Arcade Cabinet HireStreet Fighter II - Arcade Cabinet Good 2003
Sony Ericsson T610 Mobile Phone HireSony Ericsson T610 Mobile Phone 2003
Sagem myX-2 Mobile Phone HireSagem myX-2 Mobile Phone Good 2003
Nokia 7250 Mobile Phone HireNokia 7250 Mobile Phone Good 2003
NEC e616 Flip Mobile Phone HireNEC e616 Flip Mobile Phone Good 2003
Sony Ericsson P900 Mobile Phone HireSony Ericsson P900 Mobile Phone Good 2003
Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone HireNokia 1100 Mobile Phone Good 2003
Sony SRS-A27 Active Speaker System HireSony SRS-A27 Active Speaker System Good 2003
Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera HireSony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera Average February 2003
Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP HireNintendo Gameboy Advanced SP Good February 2003
iPod - 3rd Generation HireiPod - 3rd Generation Good (In Carry Case) April 2003
Nokia N-Gage Mobile Phone HireNokia N-Gage Mobile Phone Good 07-10-2003
Robosapien Robot HireRobosapien Robot Good 2004
Sony LCD Television - KLV-23HR2 HireSony LCD Television - KLV-23HR2 Good 2004
Sony HDR-FX1 - HD Camcorder HireSony HDR-FX1 - HD Camcorder Excellent 2004
Pentax Optio S40 - Digital Camera HirePentax Optio S40 - Digital Camera Very Good 2004
Chip and Pin Credit Card Machine HireChip and Pin Credit Card Machine Good 2004
Hypercom T7P Credit Card Terminal HireHypercom T7P Credit Card Terminal Good 2004
Panasonic M3500 VHS Video Camera HirePanasonic M3500 VHS Video Camera Good 2004
Dell PC Computer - Dimension 2400 HireDell PC Computer - Dimension 2400 2004
Hasbro VideoNow HireHasbro VideoNow Good 2004
Olympus 410 Camera HireOlympus 410 Camera Good 2004
Sony Vaio PCG-3316 Notebook Computer HireSony Vaio PCG-3316 Notebook Computer Good 2004
Pegasus Mobile NoteTaker HirePegasus Mobile NoteTaker Good 2004
iPod Mini - 1st Generation HireiPod Mini - 1st Generation Good January 2004
Sony Clie PDA - PEG-TH55 HireSony Clie PDA - PEG-TH55 Good April 2004
Ideal Home - April 2004 HireIdeal Home - April 2004 Good April 2004
iPod - 4th Generation HireiPod - 4th Generation Good but has Scratchs 19-07-2004
Motorola Razr Mobile Phone HireMotorola Razr Mobile Phone Good August 2004
Apple iMac G5 HireApple iMac G5 Very Good 31-08-2004
Dell X50v AXIM PDA HireDell X50v AXIM PDA Good September 2004
Nokia 6630 Mobile Phone HireNokia 6630 Mobile Phone Excellent - As New November 2004
Nintendo DS Game Cases HireNintendo DS Game Cases Very Good 2005
Panasonic NV-GS17 Video Camera HirePanasonic NV-GS17 Video Camera Very Good 2005
Newgen C800 - Pink Round Mobile Phone HireNewgen C800 - Pink Round Mobile Phone Broken Hinges 2005
Polycom SoundStation 2 Voice Conference HirePolycom SoundStation 2 Voice Conference Good 2005
Polycom Video Conference HirePolycom Video Conference Good 2005
Crash Carting - Hand Held Game HireCrash Carting - Hand Held Game Good 2005
Crash Disco - Hand Held Game HireCrash Disco - Hand Held Game Good 2005
Motorola c520 Mobile Phone HireMotorola c520 Mobile Phone Good 2005
Motorola Razr V3i Mobile Phone HireMotorola Razr V3i Mobile Phone Good 2005
iPod Classic - 5th Generation HireiPod Classic - 5th Generation Good 2005
Nokia N90 Mobile Phone HireNokia N90 Mobile Phone Good 2005
iPod Shuffle - 1st Generation HireiPod Shuffle - 1st Generation Good 11-01-2005
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet HireNokia 770 Internet Tablet Good 11-03-2005
Nokia 6230i Mobile Phone HireNokia 6230i Mobile Phone Good April 2005
Palm Lifedrive Showtime Edition - LD02 HirePalm Lifedrive Showtime Edition - LD02 Very Good May 2005
iPod Nano - 1st Generation HireiPod Nano - 1st Generation September 2005
Sony PSP Handheld Games Console HireSony PSP Handheld Games Console Very Good (In Carry Case) 01-09-2005
iPod Video - 5th Generation HireiPod Video - 5th Generation October 2005
Xbox 360 Game Console HireXbox 360 Game Console As New 02-12-2005
Lightning McQueen - Toy Car HireLightning McQueen - Toy Car New & Boxed 2006
LG 17LG 17" LCD TV Monitor - 4:3 Aspect Good 2006
Thomson Wireless Headphones HireThomson Wireless Headphones Very Good 2006
Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop HireDell Inspiron 1300 Laptop Good 2006
Motorola Motokrzr k1 Mobile Phone HireMotorola Motokrzr k1 Mobile Phone 2006
Sony Ericsson W300i HireSony Ericsson W300i Good 2006
Motorola T5422 Walkie Talkies HireMotorola T5422 Walkie Talkies Good 2006
Sony CD Walkman D-EJ011 HireSony CD Walkman D-EJ011 Good 2006
Sony WM-EX190 Walkman Cassette Player HireSony WM-EX190 Walkman Cassette Player Good 2006
BT Big Button 100 Pho ne HireBT Big Button 100 Pho ne Good 2006
Toshiba HD-A1 - The First HD DVD Player HireToshiba HD-A1 - The First HD DVD Player Very Good 18-04-2006
Nintendo DS Lite HireNintendo DS Lite Very Good 23-06-2006
iPod Nano - Second Generation HireiPod Nano - Second Generation Good 12-09-2006
Toshiba HD DVD Player - HD-EP30KB HireToshiba HD DVD Player - HD-EP30KB Very Good 15-11-2006
Nintendo Wii HireNintendo Wii Very Good 19-11-2006
Brian the Brain - Interactive Roommate HireBrian the Brain - Interactive Roommate Good 2007
Sony RDR-HXD870 DVD Recorder HireSony RDR-HXD870 DVD Recorder Good 2007
Flip Video Camera HireFlip Video Camera Very Good 2007
Sony 46Sony 46" Widescreen LCD TV - KDL-46S2010 Very Good 2007
Logitech QuickCam Sphere AF - Webcam HireLogitech QuickCam Sphere AF - Webcam Good 2007
Tevion - TV With DVD Combo HireTevion - TV With DVD Combo Good 2007
Tevion Sound 5363 HireTevion Sound 5363 Good 2007
Nokia N95 Mobile Phone HireNokia N95 Mobile Phone Good 2007
Beyerdynamic DT150 Studio Headphones HireBeyerdynamic DT150 Studio Headphones Good 2007
Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone HireNokia 6300 Mobile Phone Good 2007
Asus Eee PC 4G Laptop HireAsus Eee PC 4G Laptop Good 2007
Nokia 6500c Mobile Phone HireNokia 6500c Mobile Phone Good 2007
Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone HireNokia 6300 Mobile Phone Good 2007
Blackberry 8800 SmartPhone HireBlackberry 8800 SmartPhone Good February 2007
Apple iPhone - First Generation HireApple iPhone - First Generation Good 29-06-2007
iPod Classic - 80GB HireiPod Classic - 80GB Okay September 2007
iPod Nano - Third Generation HireiPod Nano - Third Generation Good 05-09-2007
Bose iPod SoundDock Speaker System HireBose iPod SoundDock Speaker System As New 2008
Dell 19Dell 19" 4:3 LCD Monitors Very Good - As New 2008
Revo UNO DAB Radio / Alarm Clock HireRevo UNO DAB Radio / Alarm Clock Very Good 2008
Soundlab Lasercrab - Laser Lighting Effect HireSoundlab Lasercrab - Laser Lighting Effect Good 2008
FujiFilm FinePix S5000 Digital SLR Camera HireFujiFilm FinePix S5000 Digital SLR Camera Good 2008
Beats By Dr Dre In-Ear Headphones - Red HireBeats By Dr Dre In-Ear Headphones - Red Good 2008
Samsung SGH-M110 Mobile Phone HireSamsung SGH-M110 Mobile Phone Good 2008
Sagem my300C Mobile Phone HireSagem my300C Mobile Phone Good 08-01-2008
Asus EeePC HireAsus EeePC Very Good 03-06-2008
iPod Touch - 2nd Generation HireiPod Touch - 2nd Generation Good 10-09-2008
Xbox 360 Rock Band Drum Kit HireXbox 360 Rock Band Drum Kit Good 28-11-2008
Basketball 15Basketball 15" LCD TV Very Good 2009
Stylophone Beatbox HireStylophone Beatbox As New 2009
Atari Pong Keychain HireAtari Pong Keychain Brand New - Unopened 2009
Robotic Arm - Computer Controlled HireRobotic Arm - Computer Controlled Very Good 2009
AOC 19AOC 19" LCD Widescreen Monitors Very Good - As New 2009
Samsung SyncMaster 225MW LCD TV HireSamsung SyncMaster 225MW LCD TV Very Good 2009
Dell Inspiron Netbook Computer HireDell Inspiron Netbook Computer Very Good 2009
I-Star 6206 Mobile Phone HireI-Star 6206 Mobile Phone Good 2009
Blue LED Binary Desk Clock HireBlue LED Binary Desk Clock Very Good 2009
Philips Cineos 32Philips Cineos 32" Television Good 2009
Sony NWZ-B142F Digital Music Player HireSony NWZ-B142F Digital Music Player Good 2009
Sony Cybershot DSC-S930 Camera HireSony Cybershot DSC-S930 Camera Good April 2009
Apple iPhone 3GS - White HireApple iPhone 3GS - White Good 16-06-2009
Sony Playstation 3 - PS3 Slim HireSony Playstation 3 - PS3 Slim Very Good 18-08-2009

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