Atari ST - MIDI Studio Computer

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Atari ST - MIDI Studio Computer

The Atari ST was launched in 1985 as a home computer system. However, because of the built-in MIDI ports and the excellent MIDI recording software from Steinberg, the Atari ST became the heart of record studios across the country.
The Atari ST was also very good at playing games and was the nemesis of the Commodore Amiga computer, its comtempory of the time. At school in the mid to late 80's you either had an ST or Amiga, and the classroom arguments would rage about which machine was technically better ...
Because of the relatively low price (£399 in 1986) it was used by many bedroom musicians and was in no small part responsible for a great number of independent tracks to hit the dance charts. Not just limited to the amateurs, the Atari ST was also used by the professionals in concert by bands including Madonna, Tangerine Dream, Fatboy Slim, and 1990s UK dance act 808 State.

Date of Manufacture: 1985

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: Yes


Atari ST - MIDI Studio Computer Prop For Hire

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