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The Sinclair C5

Launched in the UK on 10th January 1985, the Sinclair C5 was the brain child of Sir Clive Sinclair.

The Sinclair C5 was a battery powered electric vehicle and although being relatively cheap at £399, the C5 was often ridiculed by the public and was sadly commercial failure with only approximately 12,000 being sold.

Had the C5 been launched today with our need for green and environmentally friendly transport, it may have met with an altogether different reception by the public. The Sinclair C5 was way ahead of its time!

The C5 was actually manufactured by Hoover in Merthyr Tydfil and by association the public assumed that the motor that powers the C5 was a washing machine motor. This was totally incorrect, but damaging to the C5's reputation all the same.

It had a top speed of 15 miles per hour which was the legal limit for a road going vehicle that could be driven without the need for a UK driving licence.

We love our C5, it's great fun to drive around in and although it only scoots along at 15mph, when you're in it, it feels much faster! It's in fantastic condition and from a short distance looks new!
It has featured in two documentaries and the BBC film "Micro Men".

It is available to hire for £95 per week, but it must be stressed that it is only for light use, and must be treated very carefully. A full condition report will be made before hire and reviewed upon return.
Delivery arrangements will have to be made in advance as this is too big and delicate for a standard courier.

Date of Manufacture: 10th January 1985

Quantity Available: 2

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very Good - Clean - A Few Little Marks
Original Box: No


The Sinclair C5 Prop For Hire

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