Binatone Visionstar 12

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Binatone Visionstar 12" Black & White Portable

This Binatone Visionstar 12" Black & White portable telly was a common TV to be found in kitchens and bedrooms in average homes of the 70's and 80's.

At the time colour TV's were still relatively expensive and certainly too expensive as a 'second TV' for most households. Therefore whilst the colour TV adorned the living room it was often a 12" black and white TV that lived in the bedroom, kitchen or spare room!

Our Binatone Visionstar can be seen here working and displaying a lovely picture of Ian Beale from Eastenders!

We can if needed provide UHF feeds from your playback device. We can even provide a small transmitter if required. This allows you to playback exactly the footage you need on this TV. Remember TV's of this age do not have SCART or Composite Video inputs :-(

If you can provide us with a composite video feed, we can convert it to the signals required by these old televisions.

Date of Manufacture: 1978

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working

Physical Condition: Good

Dimensions: 38 W x 27 H x 29 D (cm)

Original Box: No

Binatone Visionstar 12" Black & White Portable Prop For Hire

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