Sony Data Discman - DD-8

Sony Data Discman - DD-8

The Sony Data Discman was an electronic book player launched by Sony Corporation in 1990.
It was marketed in the United States towards college students and international travelers, but had little success outside of Japan.

The Data Discman's purpose was for a quick access to electronic reference information on a pre-recorded disc. Searches for information were entered through a QWERTY-style keyboard and the "Yes" and "No" keys.

A typical Data Discman model had a low resolution small grayscale LCD, CD drive unit, and a low-power computer. Early versions of the device were incapable of playing audio CD discs.
Software was prerecorded and usually feature encyclopedias, foreign language dictionaries, novels, and the like.

Our Sony Data Discman is the DD-8 model which is boxed, as new and comes with an electronic interpretter disc.

We also have : Electronic Food File , The Hutchinson Guide to the World , The Concise Oxford Dictionary and Oxford Thesaurus , Chambers Science & Technology Library Books

Date of Manufacture: 1990

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very Good
Original Box: Yes


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