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Nera Satellite Phone - World Phone

A satellite telephone, satellite phone, or satphone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites.
Early satellite phone phones had a size and weight comparable to that of a late 1980s or early 1990s mobile phone, but usually with a large retractable antenna.
We have a Nera Inmarsat WorldPhone. The sales information is as follows :

Small, light and economical to use, the WorldPhone is easy to operate for voice, fax and data satellite communications, ensuring you keep in constant touch with the world, whether for personal or business reasons.

The WorldPhone fits easily into a briefcase or can be transported separately in its own carry case.  At just 2.4 kg, itís light enough to take with you wherever you go.  You can also add flexibility to the phone, by interchanging antennas within the range.  For example, you can add a fixed antenna to your portable unit, enabling use in vehicles or on boats as an alternative.

  • Portable Inmarsat mini-M satellite telephone
  • Allows voice, fax and data communications worldwide
  • Data rates of 2.4 kbps
  • Small, lightweight and economical to use
  • Interchangeable antennas available

Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Non Working
Physical Condition: Average
Original Box: No (But in a case)


Nera Satellite Phone - World Phone Prop For Hire

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