Yamaha MD4S Mini Disc 4 Track Recorder

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Yamaha MD4S Mini Disc 4 Track Recorder

The Yamaha MD4S is a four-track Mini Disc recorder and mixer capable of recording four separate audio tracks in digital onto a small mini-disc. It was launched in the UK in February 1999.
A review of the machine states :

"Perfect for those just starting out in digital recording, the MD4S features a comprehensive mixing section coupled with a high-quality recorder based on ATRAC Generation 4.5 technology. This advanced digital encoding technique delivers a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, making the MD4S ideal for recording situations in which sonic quality is of the utmost importance.

The MD4S's mixing section provides enough power and flexibility to handle even the most demanding recording situations. Channels one and two of the unit's eight-input mixer provide balanced XLR connectors in addition to 1/4-inch jacks. This extensive connectivity allows the MD4S to accept professional-level microphones as well as a wide assortment of musical instruments and other sound sources. Channels one and two also feature 1/4-inch insert jacks allowing dynamics units and other audio processors to be placed directly in the signal path.

Channels one through four feature three bands of high-quality equalization providing the user with extensive control over tone and timbre. To make the use of external signal processors as easy as possible, Yamaha has provided the MD4S with two auxiliary sends on each of the first four channels. Two stereo inputs are also provided. These can be used as effect returns or called into service for the quick connection of stereo sources such as drum machines, tone generators and synthesizer workstations.

The MD4S also features advanced synchronization capabilities, making it a simple matter to integrate the unit with most electronic music production equipment. MTC Slave Sync, MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Song Pointer are among the many sync functions fully supported by the MD4S. This extensive support for external synchronization also allows the MD4S to be linked to other multitrack digital recorders, such as Yamaha's own MD8, so as to increase the number of available tracks, or to easily integrate into a MIDI studio where some acoustic recording is required.

A wide variety of editing functions are also provided, allowing users to copy, cut and paste audio data, even between songs. In addition, Yamaha has given the MD4S the ability to bounce tracks internally. This feature allows users to take four full audio tracks and mix them down, freeing up 3 tracks for further recording."

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Date of Manufacture: February 1999

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Good
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Yamaha MD4S Mini Disc 4 Track Recorder Prop For Hire

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