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BT Merlin Tonto

The BT Merlin Tonto was the same model as the ICL OPD. Like the ICL version, the BT Merlin Tonto was sold only in the U.K. and was launched in 1985.
It was born thanks to a collaborative venture between British Telecom, ICL and Sinclair Research. The designers idea was to build a centralised desktop information system able to access online services, mainframes and other similar systems through the British Telecom network.

It was basically a Sinclair QL at heart, featuring the same 68008 processor. Applications software were stored in plug-in ROM cartridges or Microdrive tapes.

The price when first released was £1,500 however at the end of thier production they were sold to British Telecom staff for £100!
We have 2 BT Merlin Tonto systems. 

Date of Manufacture: 1985

Quantity Available: 2

Working Condition: Good
Physical Condition: Working
Original Box: No


BT Merlin Tonto Prop For Hire

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