Sinclair TV1A - Microvision TV

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Sinclair TV1A - Microvision TV

The Sinclair TV1A Microvision TV was 4" wide, 6" deep, and 1.5" high and was released in 1976. It could be powered by either rechargeable batteries or via a mains adaptor.
The black-and-white picture could be viewed comfortably from about a foot away. It functioned on VHF and UHF bands and was the first-ever multi-standard receiver, which meant that it could be used in nearly every foreign country as long as the country used one of the three major TV standards.

Sadly for Sinclair, demand outstripped supply and by the time a sufficient number of TV1As were coming off the production line at the break-even point of 4,000 a month, demand had slumped and unsold stock built up rapidly. The stock of 12,000 TV1As was eventually sold by reducing the price coniderably. This resulted in a £480,000 loss for Sinclair at a time when the company could ill afford it.


Date of Manufacture: 1976

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working

Physical Condition: Average


Original Box: No

Sinclair TV1A - Microvision TV Prop For Hire

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