Motorola 9800x Flip Mobile Phone

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Motorola 9800x Flip Mobile Phone

The Motorola MicroTAC was a cellular phone first manufactured as an analog phone, released by Motorola on Tuesday, April 25th, 1989, was the smallest and lightest phone available at the time. Upon its release, it made headlines across the world. The first MicroTACs were known as the Motorola 9800X, a continuation of the numerical name Motorola gave their phones in the 1980s.The model sold for between US$2,495 and US $3,495

In 1989, The Digital Personal Communicator, or DPC, was introduced as a lower cost alternative to the 9800X. Light or dark gray in color.It closely resembled the 9800x in terms of the keypad design and background and the main body. An upscale version of the DPC, known as the MicroTAC 950, or the MicroTAC Alpha in later years.

Date of Manufacture: 1989

Quantity Available: 2

Working Condition: Non Working
Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: No


Motorola 9800x Flip Mobile Phone Prop For Hire

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