Sanyo Betamax Video Recorder

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Sanyo Betamax Video Recorder

The VTC-9300 was released in 1978 and was Sanyo's second Betamax VCR in the UK and is one of the so called 'piano key' early models. It was a very advanced VCR in its day. It has a tape counter displayed on the VFD. You are able to switch the display between the clock and the counter by pressing a button. The unit also came with a one button wired remote (not supplied). This could be used to pause playback and recording. It also had a one event timer. Looking back now it appears to be a massive, heavy old fashioned machine but was once state of the art!

This video recorder is not fully working. It will light up and you can set the time on the front panel. It will accept a tape and will also eject it, but no play or record functions will work.

Date of Manufacture: 1978

Quantity Available: 3

Working Condition: Non Practical

Physical Condition: Average


Original Box: No

Sanyo Betamax Video Recorder Prop For Hire

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