Yamaha CS-5 - Analogue Synthesizer

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Yamaha CS-5 - Analogue Synthesizer

Although the synthesizer was developed in the sixties, it was until the 1980's that it really took hold of pop music with Synth Pop bands like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Human League, OMD and Duran Duran dominating the charts. Synthesizers have played a huge part in pop music ever since. The Yamaha CS-5 is a great example of an 'analogue synthesizer' and was used in many early Depeche Mode songs. The CS-5 was released in 1979 and was on the market until 1983.

Date of Manufacture: 1979

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Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Good
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Yamaha CS-5 - Analogue Synthesizer Prop For Hire

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