Topaz Project 8 Mixing Desk

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Topaz Project 8 Mixing Desk

This British analog mixing console was top notch of the mid class desks. It featured 24 in line inputs. This meant that one had 24 line in's that could be routed to 24 tracks of a multitrack tape deck. The outputs of the deck could be lead back to the monitor inputs on the desk. If one hadn't had a multitrack tape recorder the monitor in's could be used as extra line in's providing a total of 48 line inputs. The Soundtracs desks shined in warmth, very good EQ's and a very open character.

The desk had 6 send/returns in total with 2 being fixed pre-fader and 4 being post-fader. The post-fader routings could serve a monitor or main channel (being the most important drawback of this mixer). There were 8 subgroups in total and solo and mute functions were available per channel or per group. This mixing desk was launched by Soundtracs in 1996.

Date of Manufacture: 1996

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very Good
Original Box: No


Topaz Project 8 Mixing Desk Prop For Hire

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