iPod Touch - 2nd Generation

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iPod Touch - 2nd Generation

The iPod Touch 2G (Second Generation) is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

One of our iPod Touch's is running on the 4.0 firmware and is the 8gig version and the other, which has a small hairline crack across the screen, is running on 4.1 firmware and is also the 8gig version, only one of our ipod touch's has its original case.

We can download any Applications you may need to use if they are specified before hire.

Date of Manufacture: 10th September 2008

Quantity Available: 2

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Good
Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33 inches
Original Box: Yes


iPod Touch - 2nd Generation Prop For Hire

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