Giant Rubik's Cube - Buy OnlineGiant Rubik's Cube

Here is our stunning giant Rubik Cube made from routed matt black MDF and vinyl stick on panels. It really feels like you could play with it!

It's 700mm square (just less than the width of a door!) and looks fantastic!!
5 of the 6 sides are made up to look like the Rubiks Cube and the base is hollow whichmeans you can hide stuff inside it !! Clever Eh?

It makes a great Coffee Table, TV Stand, Childs Play Desk, Office Display Box, Stage Prop or whatever floats your boat. It makes a fantastic retro talking piece!
This Rubik Cube is available to buy!!! - Payment via PayPal - £399 - You'll never find another one like it!! Please email us ...
Size : 70cm x 70cm x 70cm
Material : Black MDF with Vinyl Stickers

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