Philips Laserdisc Player

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Philips Laserdisc Player

The laserdisc video player has long since left our living rooms, but for a relatively brief period of time from 1978, any film buff worth thier salt had a laserdisc player and thier collection of favourite films on 12" plastic discs.
The laserdiscs themselves were superior in quality to the VHS and Betamax video tapes that were also available, but even these huge 12" discs could only store 60 minutes of film meaning that each film was usually stored on two discs!
We also have these LaserDisc films :

The Godfather
Pink Floyd
Austin Powers
Independance Day
The X-Files - Season 2
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Toy Story

LaserDisc to DVD Transfer
We are also able to make LaserDisc to DVD transfers if required.
See our LaserDisc to DVD page.

Date of Manufacture: 1978

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Non Working

Physical Condition: Average


Original Box: No

Philips Laserdisc Player Prop For Hire

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